How We Work

With Tresessanta caffè is a new, young and dynamic idea born from the entrepreneurial spirit of two friends, both linked by a great passion for this world.


From decades of experience in a company specialized in the production of high quality coffee, I have had the opportunity to get to know the majority of Italian roasters, from the most modest to the multinational.
I have learned the secrets and the different processes, the differences of each coffee but above all the history behind a large cup: the obsessive selection of the grains, their traceability, the history of the men who grow them. This is how the great passion we have had until now has turned into an obsession, in the constant search for the best roasting and extraction methods to guarantee an artisanal product that contains the soul of the roaster, one of a kind.
Roasting is completely artisanal: the times are always different, depending not only on the variety, but on each individual bag. The temperatures are managed to follow the beans according to its needs and with the aim of preserving the aromas, the personality and always guaranteeing the highest quality.
Thanks to slow roasting we are in fact able to choose what and how enhance in each bean, obtaining as a result a coffee that has no acidity, as well as its uniqueness, and which allows a high digestibility of our coffees.

The process

We roast the coffee weekly, strictly single origin. Production is strictly linked to weekly needs, in this way we can provide everyone with a product that has a maximum of 5/10 days of roasting. We have also decided, for the large Specialties, to toast and package them only to order.
Our production works like this:

2 volte a settimana


1 time a week*


After roasting we have the resting and packaging phases.
The single origins that will make up the blends remain in the storage silos (3-4 days) and then, depending on the customer's request, we create the blends and package them in bags with a one-way valve, which allows the product excellent conservation.
In this way we are able to give you a unique emotion with every coffee.

*Specialty coffees are roasted only following the order


In addition to the coffee beans, we also chose a story. By choosing traceable coffees we can show the enormous differences between coffees produced methodically, with awareness, with attention and coffees destined for a market without identity. Traceability is the fundamental key to the growth of the entire coffee production sector because it gives an overall, non-segmented vision of the entire supply chain and helps to focus on critical issues. On the one hand, it stimulates the grower to increase his efforts and plan his production based on the conditions of the soil, climate, altitude, varieties, monitoring the production processes in order to obtain a particular aromatic profile, in which to identify its own production. But above all, it offers him the opportunity to establish a relationship with those who choose his coffee. On the other hand, traceability allows you to choose a coffee based on the label that clearly describes what you are purchasing, according to your aromatic and ethical choices. Traceability also allows us to lend a hand to those who work in the fields day and night, just think that 70% of coffee farmers are women. In many situations, small producers do not receive economic support for their activities and the workforce is underpaid and bordering on exploitation. The various associations involved in tracing the coffees ensure that the role of people on the plantation, especially women, is recognized and improved, giving them support and funds so that they can improve their roles and the entire production chain.

Technology and the Blockchain

In the immense world of coffee, there are those who make it a business and those who make it a passion. We have made coffee a passion and over the years we have looked for an innovative idea that could lead the end consumer to experience the entire coffee supply chain first-hand.
We use a modern, cloud-based management system, such as Odoo, which allows us to track all information and documents. We can provide documentation and certifications of the coffees used for each product purchased but we are already looking to the future to send them automatically, creating a digital archive of our consumer capable of providing information at any time.
By exploiting Blockchain traceability, which we are developing, we are able to guarantee transparency and quality to the final consumer, who will thus be able to discover where the product in his cup comes from, organically collecting information along the entire supply chain, from plan to the roaster, to distribute them to the consumer and make him aware of all the work and sacrifices that go into making a quality coffee.


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