You can choose between two different payment methods such as Stripe and Satispay.

Vivawallet logo

VivaWallet is the first European Neobank entirely cloud-based using Microsoft Azure and present in 24 countries in Europe.

Complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, which is one of the information security standards for organizations that manage credit cards recognized by the main competitors in the sector.

With VivaWallet you can purchase using the major payment methods such as Credit Cards and Debit Cards (Visa, Mastercard and American Express) without additional costs.

For more information: VivaWallet Website

Satispay logo

Satispay is one of the most popular and secure e-payment services in Italy.

Paying with Satispay is safe both because the system does not use sensitive data and because after payment the application closes and does not allow third parties to access the money.

payment with Satispay does not include commissions or other additional costs.

For more information: Satispay Website

Bitpay logo

Bitpay is an e-payment service to pay withyour Crypto.

The spread of cryptocurrencies is increasing, which is why thanks to Bitpay you can pay with the cryptocurrencies at your disposal quickly and easily.

payment with Bitpay does not include commissions or other additional costs.

For more information: Bitpay Website


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