Our unique coffee already ground
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A new brand, a new coffee!

Tresessanta brings new flavors to your home

The "Tresessanta caffè brand is a new, young and dynamic idea born from the entrepreneurial spirit of two friends, both linked by a great passion for this world. The project was born with the desire to preside over the world of coffee at 360°, hence the name of the brand.

Our single origin already ground
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A new brand, a new coffee!

The coffee experience from seed to cup

Take a look at how, from planting coffee seeds to roasting, manufacturing and distribution, we perfect the coffee process for the world to enjoy.

  • Unique and different flavors

  • Certified origin

  • Traceability

  • Fresh to your home

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The roasting

L.A. Torrefazione Insieme was born from the desire to create something different to offer good coffee on every occasion


For your bar

Offer your customers a new coffee drinking experience


For your office

Enjoy a new and different coffee break every day


For your restaurant

Offer the right ending to a good lunch or dinner


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