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The Tresessanta caffè brand is a new, young and dynamic idea born from the entrepreneurial spirit of two friends, both linked by great passion for this world. The project was born with the desire to preside over the world of coffee at 360°, hence the name of the brand.



He has decades of experience in everything related to coffee: the raw coffee, the roasting, the creation of blends up to the final result in the cup.



He has experience in the entrepreneurial field thanks to the creation of several companies that position themselves in the digital world and in innovative technologies that have become small, highly specialized businesses.

Different ideas and skills that complement each other and create a mixture that first leads to the creation of the “L.A. Torrefazione Insieme” and the Tresesanta caffè brand.

The company has decided to follow the best traditions of artisan roasting by combining them with the most modern technologies available, thus creating a roasting 2.0. This allows us to create a product that is at the same time pleasant on the palate, ethical from an environmental point of view and unmistakable, capable of offering a unique and exclusive experience. Tresessanta caffè wants to be a dynamic and innovative company, which is why the offer will be constantly evolving in order to always offer the best products.

Not only products, but also services to offer as many solutions as possible to everyone:


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In particular, in 2023, all coffee sold will be tracked using blockchain technology to guarantee the freshness and goodness of the product purchased.


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